{ the sweetest bee makes the thickest honey. }

by Sebastian Ischer
Familiar shades of humiliation and paranoia, reinvigorated by the conventions of the aeronautical disaster genre, according to which violent thrills and sexual titillations alternate with minutely researched technical descriptions and crippling psychological introspection.

by Paul Paddock
Allegorical water-colored drawings, drawing disturbing truths out of soft, clear surfaces. Possibly illustrating fairy-tale nap-dreams, absurdist pranks, and half-remembered cautionary tales. If you are a child wandering these landscapes, it is advised that you keep your skull on tight, your underwear in sight, and a watch out for creatures.

by Anna-Lisa Donovan
An in-depth interview with the artist supplies insight into his strategies for storytelling in pictures, the unmasking of children, and working in the dark.

by Beekiller
Beekiller humbly announces the release of its first-ever music compilation, accompanied by a magnificent rock and roll festivity.

Hey, come over here. Do you see all these bees? Iíve got a great idea: you take this long rope and tie it around my waist. Then Iíll pick up a stick, and rub some glue and sugar on it. Iíll climb into a tree with the stick and poke it at the beesí nest, and when the bees swarm out and settle on my stick, you pull the rope hard, and Iíll fall into the pond below. Iíll sink to the bottom, and while I hang out there, the bees will run out of air and die. Then Iíll swim to the shore and we can have a good laugh together. Thatís just one idea, Iíve got others. binary options demo

Could anything bee better than the return of a familiar, good feeling that has not diminished in its absence, but instead grown stronger, and richer? Like a well-worn wooly sweater, stored away over the summer, and retrieved on the first brisk fall day? Or a lover released from prison after a long, unjust conviction? The first gulp of searing whiskey after years of tedious, numbing sobriety? Based on the newest crop of carefully recruited, thoroughly trained, and strategically deployed Beekiller content, it appears that nothing could. binary demo account

by Jennifer Arnow

A person can be an artist at many things, including pyrotechnics, rollerskating, phantomime, and food preparation. Beekiller?s art is the killing of bees, and she?s about to paint another solid mid-career piece.

by Patrick May
These paintings deconstruct beloved portable consumer electronics and vessels of public transportation by honing in on essential details and displacing them into bright, cheerfully colored contexts. Such attenuated focus grants these objects a mythic familiarity. It also divorces them from their customary use, making them strange and hfx demo account