{ the sweetest bee makes the thickest honey. }

Listening to this band offers us a glimpse of what being that fat, bearded guy with his shirt off is like, with prison scars burning in the hot sun and an eight-inch knife strapped to his thigh. Naturally he is high on Budweiser and PCP, and has a really hot girlfriend on the back of his chopper. The word 'boogie' comes to mind, as does the word 'on'.


This band is a rare musical entity, steeped in the conventions of songwriter tradition but subtly able to escape them. Heartrending boy-girl harmonies and lovelorn sincerity channel the ghostly authenticity of the Time Before Our Time, but the lyrics defuse confessional romantic cliches by bending them into abstraction: 'Love is real, and love I should, and love is hard and made of wood, and love is just a color in your eye.'

Elizabeth Harper

A freshly recorded, sparkling song that purrs for our affection like a litter of adopted kittens. These soft and cuddly creatures are hungry and miss their mother, but they also have sharp little teeth, and they get antsy at bedtime without their sleeping pills.

This shimmeringly distorted, emotional guitar song sounds vaguely like high school, in a driving-around-at-night and thinking-about-girls way.