{ the sweetest bee makes the thickest honey. }

Disaffected, gorgeous pop songs that swoon and tremble like a panic attack on a beautiful day, or a break-up with the only beautiful person you ever cared about.


Inouk's indie-rock songs are haunting and catchy, paranoid and pastoral; they throb and scrape against your body like a hug from a dear, bony friend.

Mixel Pixel
This danceably lo-fi, video-game-sampling misanthropic love song makes me feel like someone injected sugar into my spine with a dirty needle. If songs like this played on MTV, life would be worth living.

Up The Empire

Another stainless contribution from the awe-inspiring Up The Empire, whose empirialist ambitions are the only ones Beekiller fully endorses. Stadium anthems for the lionhearted, fresh-faced youth of today.