{ the sweetest bee makes the thickest honey. }

A poem about the inevitable failure of poetic self-improvement: "Advise me, oh my distant friend, as to the how of approach to such...such."
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Shellfish as a Parent
by Simon Tertychniy

Certain decisions have been reached,
the words I hereby stitch,
in many ways, a shirt, for this new issue.

Though each morning I practiced
one of the seven habits
of the highly effective,
I fabulously failed,
I grazed on doubt,
I thought by thinking of myself infallible
my station would not fall,
forever floating like a bottled ship.

While I was an object to shower waters
I kept reshuffling words
in shifting order, then I just
spat them out and they hung
like fat nubilous drops.

Some fresh, profound statement,
like ?????
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