{ the sweetest bee makes the thickest honey. }

Remember kissing her stomach? There?s soft, invisible hair, right above her underwear.
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How to Survive Unbearable Heartbreak - #63 Revenge Fantasies
by Sebastian Ischer

You are at her apartment. She says, ?How are you. It?s nice to see you.?
?It?s nice to see you guys.?
They?re sitting on the couch. His hand is tucked into the crook of her knee. They?re smiling, awkwardly.
?How have you been?? she says.
?Not bad. Pretty good actually. Work is going well. How about you guys.?
She?s smiling, squeezing his hand.
?We just got back from a trip. Europe.?
?That?s nice. How was it? It must have been great.?
?Do you want a beer?? he says, exuding friendliness. We?re all in this together.
He?s running his hand over the back of her neck.
The soft hairs on the back of her neck.
You bend down as if to scratch your ankle, ?Do you know what this is?? pulling a small pistol out of your boot.

She calls up and says, ?Hi, how are you??
?Oh. I?m okay.?
There?s a pause. ?It feels strange to hear your voice.?
?I know.?
She says, ?I?ve been feeling really nostalgic.? Is she crying? Or just pretending to be upset.
?I?ve been thinking about what happened to us. Our adventures. Remember that time we were in Paris on the way back from London and then we ranout of money and ate in that little Indian restaurant??
?I really miss you. I?d like to see you.?
?Do you want to hang out sometime? We could see a movie or have a drink.?
?I don?t know.?
?Please. I really want to see you. I?ve been remembering you.?
?I?m sorry. I don?t think I can make it. I?m really busy right now. I?m writing a column.?
?Oh. What is it??
There?s a pause.
?Well, maybe you could call me sometime if you want to.?
?It was nice talking to you.?

She walks over to me and says, ?Hey. How are you??
?Okay. How are you??
?I?m good.?
?It?s nice to see you again.?
?Yeah, you too. You look taller.?
?You look shorter. And fatter.?
?I?ve been sitting down a lot. And eating.?
?You don?t really look fat. I was just teasing.?
?Yeah, I know.?
?So, what?s going on??
She?s drunk and leaning in too close.
?Good. Not much.?
Reach out and touch her hair.
?Work is good.?
?Do you want to come to the bathroom with me??
Put your hand on her waist. A little part of her stomach is showing at the edge of her t-shirt.
?I don?t know. I just went a little while ago.?
Remember kissing her stomach? There?s soft, invisible hair, right above her underwear.
?Come on. Don?t be shy. We?ll hang out. I?ll show you my underwear.?
?What if you?re not wearing underwear??
?I?ll show you.?
?Okay?? She?s pulling your hand.
Go with her. Maybe she?ll let you kiss her.
?No, I don?t think I can.?
?Why not?? She?s pouting.
?Because this is revenge. I can?t go in reverse. I?m in the future.
You?re in the past.?
?But you want to.?
?Yes. I want to be okay.?
?Come on,? she says again, pushing up against.
?Wait. Do you know what this is??
Reaching down to scratch an insect bite
on your ankle.

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