{ the sweetest bee makes the thickest honey. }

American Altitude

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Issue 17
Cyclical clusters of guitar notes tumble minimalistically over an insistent rhythmic bass-drums pitter-patter that should, for once and all, be defined as funky. Steel guitar notes float along the clouds like glassy ribbons, and the vocals stretch, strain and break through baritone utterances of loss, defiance and reconciliation.

American Altitude was founded by Stephan "Slinky Jones" Ryskewitch and Noam "NJ" Levy in the year 2000 after an emotional viewing of the film classic "Rocky IV". Ivan Drago hit the canvass, Rocky lifted his arms and Jones was heard to proclaim "Avant Americana!". A concept was born.

Slinky Jones plays guitar and sings. NJ does guitar, banjo, accordion and anything else that is asked of him. The current lineup also includes Furn, a master of drums, percussion and sound, Jeff "Charly Coldiron" Van Newkirk on table steel and Josh Newman on Bass and Mandolin. Furn aspires to become a farmer in the Northwest.