{ the sweetest bee makes the thickest honey. }

Christa Toole

Issue 20

Ms. Toole plays with transformations, juxtapositions, and mood in her work. She often incorporates figurative elements presenting everyday objects in unexpected ways. Common objects are enlarged and abstracted forcing the viewer to reexamine and reevaluate their significance or meaning. The relationship between the original purpose of the object and the resulting image suggests larger implications to humanity. The process of building and manipulating materials is vital to her work. Each piece begins with an idea or expression that is then built upon and transformed into the final image. Through the art making process, the artwork evolves; the final piece is a discovery. She uses oil paint, metal, plastic, wax among other materials. Formal elements are important; form and line infuse depth into the paintings. Expressive brushwork, layers of paint and carefully chosen color give the work great emotive power to build a powerful final product.