{ the sweetest bee makes the thickest honey. }

Christine Hamm

Issue 12

With their unflinching literary lustfulness, these wicked, snark-smiled poems will make you lower your gaze and wipe your mouse pad.

Christine Hamm works very hard at making her life tortured so she can be an artist. She has an MFA in creative writing, and is a graduate of Reed College. She has been published by Shampoo Poetry, Stirring, 3AM magazine, Burning Word, and about 20 other well- and not so well-known literary journals. She is the literary editor for the magazine, Wide Angle. For more info: go to http://chamm.blogspot.com.
Starting October 6th, Christine will be teaching a poetry class. It's quite cheap and should be, at the very least, entertaining. Please email her at bronzelizard@cs.com for the details. (Please note: Christine is not, nor will ever be, related to Mia.)