{ the sweetest bee makes the thickest honey. }

Marlon Sporer

Issue 6
Because you have Marlon Sporer's new series of three paintings, you will feel good about yourself today. You won't waste time wading through a swamp of grade school science packets, deciphering which problems to attempt and which to pass on to your buddy for copying. You won't go through the nightmare of watching the hungry caterpillar metamorphose into a decidedly less cuddly and personable insect. Today, you won't worry that the shapes and colors in your mind make you an outcast. An eccentric, perhaps, but not an outcast.

Issue 15
According to the brain?s obsession with patterns, the relations between colors must contain their own narrative, and arranging them by shape yields important clues. Under Marlon?s close attention, their pursuit turns into a friendly chance meeting.