{ the sweetest bee makes the thickest honey. }

Paul Paddock

Issue 8

Issue 11
A page out of the instructional manual for better living, faxed right into your dreams: sleepy girl with wrinkled toes and white-out eyes tries to retain a flock of butterflies, in spite of curious probings by translucent little boys.

Issue 15
Clean, spare drawings of a girl and her snake, swathed in light blue. The girl alternately plays with the snake and is devoured by it, with a look of blankness on her face that invokes a co-existence of innocence and perversion in equal measures.

Issue 20

Allegorical water-colored drawings, drawing disturbing truths out of soft, clear surfaces. Possibly illustrating fairy-tale nap-dreams, absurdist pranks, and half-remembered cautionary tales. If you are a child wandering these landscapes, it is advised that you keep your skull on tight, your underwear in sight, and a watch out for creatures.