{ the sweetest bee makes the thickest honey. }

Radek Szczesny

Issue 2

Issue 11
An attackfully friendly rabbit; a vaguely demonic, politically extremist plush-buddy, menacingly rendered.

Issue 14
Some more meditations on national disasters and particularly good ways of getting there.

These studies of the Challenger disaster and other national transportation trauma remind us of a morbid engineer?s blueprints, anticipating impersonal death in aerodynamic shapes and the clear blue sky.

Issue 17

These paintings extort an uneasy narcotic beauty from sensations of stasis and detachment. Familiar shapes and applications are reconfigured into vacuously seductive patterns and surfaces, inducing the chilly swoon of a Xanax overdose in a Santa Monica swimming pool.

Issue 8

Issue 13
Our esteemed art editor accompanies BK's concussive Blasto-rama with an explication and review of the artists and their makings.

Issue 1

Issue 2
In a vapor-like landscape of the adolescent memory, "#2" touches on the existential. This melancholy reverie endows the simple gestures with mythical qualities of undisclosed ritual. How very magic realist!

Issue 7
"Being heavy handed with liquor is one of my better qualities" says author/director R. Szczesny of the latest installment in his ongoing video series. The project consists of short sketches meant to edify the general public on the novel uses of kitchen art-historical materials.

Asking the canvas surface to be more than a window onto another world, Radek Szczesny twists, dissects, and fractures his paintings to the point of incontinence. Searching for a reference point capable of uniting humans in nature, his paintings are afflicted by the conspicuous absence of the human figure, an eyeless sight, and a splendid oxymoron.

Radek is curator of: